Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Our World Show

On Thursday the 25th of May a select group of students attended the science roadshow. The last thing that we attended was the our world show. In this show, they showed us the all of the different gadgets that wouldn't work with out the world working with it. For example an x-ray wave is below the visible wave in the electromagnetic spectrum, however just become we can't see something doesn't mean that it is not there so people use x-ray machines which pretty much are just more powerful eyes so they can see the waves passing through. There are also machines that do the same thing for ultra violet waves and infrared waves

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Expanding Metal Experiment


On Thursday the 25th of May a select group of students attended the science roadshow. One of the experiments was a expanding metal experiment. Where you had to blow dry some metal rods with a hair dryer and you would see that the scale showed that the metal was getting heavier and heavier because it was expanding. This showed that when metal is put under high heat then metal expands.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Light Blocker Investigation

On Thursday the 25th of May a select group of students attended the science roadshow. One of the experiments was a light blocker experiment. Where you had to look into a box when the lid was closed which blocked out all of the light and then you did it again with the lid open so that light would come in. This showed that you can't see anything without, it also showed that we need light otherwise life would become really hard.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Chemical and Physical Changes

On Thursday the 25th of May a select group of students attended the science roadshow. The first thing that we attended was the physical and chemical show. In this they showed us the difference between physical and chemical changes. A chemical change is when you change something that makes something new usually with no chance to be reversed and a physical change is when you change something and it still stays the same but can also be reversed.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Migration of Māori

Ms. Maude says...

If we dive deep into Maori history you will find the story of Kupe and how he was responsible for finding Aotearoa. Kupe hailed from Hawaii. He liked octopuses, but here was on particular octopus that he chased all around the pacific. When he landed though, he landed one the north island of Aotearoa. As it had got no current inhabitants is was available to anyone that wanted it as their homeland. So he sailed back to Hawaii and informed 7 chiefs that he has found land. Then they set off heading for Aotearoa. They traveled to Aotearoa but when they had reached it the Chief of the Te Arawa waka informed the Chief of the Tainui waka that they had lost their navigator so they would have to use their's Ngatoroirangi.

Friday, 19 May 2017

This book would appeal to...

Screenshot 2017-05-19 at 11.22.29 AM.png

I would recommend this book to me because my mum, my dad and my brother appeal to would not enjoy it. As the are far older than the target audience which I think is 8-12 year olds. Also, this is a really good book to learn alliteration fromas there is an example on almost every page.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Turnover Making

17 May 2017 12:24:01.jpg
  • 55.5g of pastry
  • 51g of apples
  • 20 g of brown sugar
  • 15g of sultanas

  1. Cut up a desired amount of apples
  2. Cut an equal amount of pastry
  3. Place apples in pastry
  4. Dust with brown sugar
  5. Add sultanas
  6. Fold from corner to corner making a triangle
  7. Use a fork and make lines starting from the point
  8. Poke holes in the top
  9. Pour a teaspoon of milk over the top
  10. Dust with brown sugar
  11. Bake for 20-25 minutes
  12. Enjoy

I learnt that you need to measure precisely because baking uses a lot of chemical reactions so if you are of by a couple of milligrams it won’t work properly.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Healthy Lunch Math Diagram

Walht:Work out the  outcomes.
On tuesday the 9th we went to the AUT millennium center where we were provided with a healthy lunch from nestle. With this information we made a tree diagram showing all the possible outcomes.
In total there were 24 options with the 2 different wraps (spinach and wholemeal) the 3 different meats (tuna, chicken and ham) and the 4 different salads(lettuce, tomato, cucumber and capsicum).

Monday, 15 May 2017

Water Safety and Kyaing

On Tuesday the 9th we went to the AUT Millennium Center. One of the activities that we did was water safety and kayaking. I own my own kayak and take it out regularly. I really enjoyed the day. Thank you to nestle for organizing the day.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rock Climbing

On May 9th 2017 we went to the millennium stadium. The instructor for rock climbing was Kiri. She was actually really kind. I did struggle a bit at first but then I started to get better. If I could I would love to go back. Thank you Nestle for sponsoring the event.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Evil Twin

“Robbery down at Central City Bank,” yelled Detective West as he bolted down the stairs.
“Get the command unit down there, pronto!” yelled a police officer who also scurried down the stairs. Detective West rushed to Central City bank going as fast as a cheetah. Down  a huge crowd had formed. The command unit was already there cutting people off and clearing out the bank. Victor Mcintosh walked out in handcuffs accompanied by two officers. Victor Mcintosh, a well known doctor who discovered how to create the V9 serum made himself billions.
“We got him boss, he was the only one in there and when we found him cowering in a corner. He had two different backpacks full of golden bars,” yelled one of the officers with rather croaky voice.

The police officer shoved Victor into the police car. While this was all going on Harrison was sitting in front of his tv eyes glued to screen. He had just watched Victor been taken out of the bank and he couldn't help noticing the remarkable resemblance between the two of them. Harrison knew that Victor was innocent (Harrison’s day job was a lawyer), so he spent the next few days preparing facts and eyewitness statements. Even though Victor had a lawyer he was going to enter the courtroom and prove his innocence.

The next day was the court case and Harrison got dressed up in his suit and headed off to the courthouse. He went right in and started proving Victor to be innocent. At the end of the case the bank showed CCTV footage showing that Victor had got quite heated then took the gold that was right next to him then the camera cut out. However, Judge Wells believed that Victor was innocent, but that Harrison was guilty! So he was sentenced to five years in prison! He had to think of another plan.

Harrison asked that the Crime Scene Investigation Unit be sent down to the bank to investigate and so they did. The police had to shut down the bank so the the Crime Scene Investigation Unit lead by Wallie Wellsbury could work. They found some pretty interesting secrets like the safe lock which was frozen shut and burn mark all over the floor and walls. However, the strangest thing was hail stones weighing one hundred kg over all of the weighted pressure plates which coincidently was the weight of everything that was stolen.
“Whoever, did this is either a metahuman or a really weird meteorologist obsessed with their work,” said Wallie Wellsbury in a very sarcastic voice. “I am pretty sure that Harrison didn’t do any of this so I guess that we can set him free.”

The next day Harrison was let out even though he had only been in there for a week it felt like he had been in there for a year. Harrison went straight home and took a long and comfy nap on his own bed. Harrison realized that none of the would have happened if he hadn't stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.

Sacrifice Needed For This Job

Screenshot 2017-05-08 at 2.17.10 PM.png

This article showed up in the NZ Herald and I totally agree with this poster because phones are ruining people's lives. The average 20-25 year-old spends nearly 5 hours a day on a phone! That is way too much. Basically, if you get a job you are expected to do the job. You get paid to actually work not to turn up then go one your phone. However, there has to be some liberty if there is an emergency because if there isn't your house could be on fire and you wouldn't be able to be contacted because you are prohibited from accessing your phone.

Friday, 5 May 2017

My Learning for This Week

Is it a prime number

Walht: assign probabilities to simple events using fractions and percentages.

Today I was learning to assign probabilities to a game played with 2 10 sided dice. I played with Heather. We had to roll the dice, find the sum and determine whether it was a prime number. We alternated rolling the dice. We did this 20 times. We recorded our score in the outcomes column. Of the 20 attempts, we were successful 6 times. So the probability is 6/20 as a simple fraction and 30% as a percentage. Since we did similar games this week I have a better understanding of probability. Next, I ‘d like to try with a higher number of outcomes.

Monday, 24 April 2017

On holiday in Singapore and Bintan Island (Indonesia)

Image result for universal studios map singapore 

This past term break our family went on holiday to Singapore and Bintan Island, Indonesia. To get to the resort that we were going to stay at in Indonesia, you first have to go to Singapore. You can choose to either spend a couple of days in Singapore or just go right to Bintan via the ferry...We chose to spend  2 nights/3 days in Singapore. On the full day that we had (the other 2 were taken up with either arriving or departing) we went to Universal Studios in Singapore.  At Universal Studios there are 7 zones...Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi (based on Transformers), Ancient World, Lost World (based on Jurassic park), Far Far Away (Shrek themed) and Madagascar.

At Universal Studios my brother and I went on the Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster which is a fast, action-packed, stop-start ride, themed around the Egyptian mummies and their trapped souls. The next ride that we went on was the canopy flyer in the lost world.  This was one where you get strapped in and your legs hang out below were meant to feel like a pterodactyl.   After that, we went on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, we got soaked! We also watched the show Waterworld which was a stunt show including fire, explosions, and realy cool stunts based on all transportation modes on and in the water.

The next day we traveled off to Club Med on Bintan which is located in Indonesia. As it was Easter Sunday there was a box of gourmet chocolates (a bit like like lindt) wait for us. At the resort, they have snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, a circus trapeze (which I hate) and also a theatre where they put on shows nightly. Most days it was 28-31 degrees, but you soon cooled off in the pool or the sea or at the bar drinking a mocktail - a non-alcoholic drink.  My favorite drink was Purple Lemonade which had cherry and blueberry syrup with sprite mixed together.  I also liked the Virgin Chi was made out of pineapple juice and coconut milk. Overall I really enjoyed my holiday, the best part was meeting all of the interesting people and I can't wait for the next one which might even take us to Hong Kong and China!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thankyou Mrs Manu

 Today was Mrs Manu's last day. She was retiring. Our class made cards and presented them to her along with a hug and a good luck message. It was really sad to see her go. 
Thankyou Mrs Manu

Monday, 10 April 2017

WALHT: advance my alergbra

I have currently been working on consolidating my working by improving my algebra knowledge. This is a challenge for me because I need to work on my algebra and i didn't want to do an easy activity to cheat on. It was reasonably difficult and I would like more practice on the same site.

Friday, 7 April 2017

WALHT: create a brochure

The focus of my brochure is Keep It Clean. I think that the public deserve a clean creek because we work so hard to prevent it from getting polluted so if you put in the hard work then it will pay off.

Monday, 3 April 2017


Yesterday we went to the annual Auckland East Rotary Soap Box Derby Competition. There were 9 kids Ashley, Genesis, Natazia, Zain, Mokoroa, Rangi, Toby, Sini, and I. We entered one kart with 4 different drivers Zain, Rangi, Genesis and Natazia. Each driver had 2 different runs. Our kart did really well and the pit crew worked really well together, we all put the weights in as best as we could. The best part of the day was the food after races, (only joking) it was all really fun and I would love to do it again next year. We walked away with two fastest driver Natazia and Genesis who had the exact same time down to the hundredth of a second, also we won the most organised team and it was only our first year!!!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WALT: reciprocal fractions

 Yesterday in maths I was finding reciprocal fractions. Reciprocal fractions are fractions the are mostly used when dividing fractions.To find it all you have to do is flip over the fraction (denominator becomes numerator, numerator becomes denominator) and there you have it.

What is in a clean stream

Clear Water
Image result for clear water hd
Image result for colourful dragonflies
Wood Debris
Image result for wood debris in water
Image result for lily pad
Image result for water cress
Bank Vegetation
Image result for bank vegetation
Image result for bank rocks
Tall Grass
Image result for tall grass

Monday, 27 March 2017

Swimming Competition

On Friday we had our swimming competition. I was in competitive freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, along with the non competitive butterfly. I was in all of the finals and didn't lose a race so I placed 2nd, 3rd place. The guys who were in 1st were way too fast for me to catch up. Overall I was very pleased with my result and I would love to do it again next year.

Making Connections

Friday, 24 March 2017

Multiplying and DIviding Fractions

Today we were multiplying and dividing fractions online. I chose the game where you got to choose the fractions that you multiply or divide and then worked it out from there. I also another one where yo where given problems set by the computer to work out.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Cabbage Tree and Bull Rushe

We had to paint a silhouette of either a cabbage tree or a bull rush I chose to paint a cabbage tree. It was actually quite tricky to get the fine details so in the end it just ended up like a wizard goat. Cabbage trees around the Oamaru creek.

10 Questions on Mirror Image

  1. Who are Meggie and Zodwa? What is the best set of words to describe them?
  2. What is this story about?
  3. When is this story set and how do you know?
  4. Where is this story set and how do you know?
  5. Why did the protestors interrupt the game?
  6. What was Zodwa's reaction when she saw Meggie on TV?
  7. Does Meggie's parents want her to go to the protest?
  8. What is this story’s moral and what is an example?
  9. Is this a true story? How do you know that?
  10. How did Zodwa know that that things were going to change?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why Do we Need Water

  • So we stay hydrated
  • To top up our body water
  • Wash clothes
  • Wash dishes
  • Have a shower
  • Keep wildlife alive
  • Catch fish
  • To grow plants
  • Cooking
  • Washing hands
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Water fights
  • Keeping cool
  • Farming
  • Fire fighting
  • Swimming
  • Cruise ships
  • Ferry
  • Transportation
  • Shipping
  • Water sports
  • Winter Olympics (Ice and snow)
  • Bucket on top of door prank
  • To make fizzy drinks and energy drinks

Friday, 17 March 2017

Online Tools

Today we were using online tools to create a graph and also find out the average of volleyball skills. The skill we had to collect data from were a volley, a dig, a serve, a spike and we had to estimate how many times out of ten we could block the ball. All the data that we collected went into a spreadsheet where from there we would use the online tools. There were three options of graphs a pie, a bar, and a column.

Why is Tahuna Torea important

Tahuna Torea has many differing explanations of its importance as a special place in the local community. It is a thriving, natural, breeding ground for all endemic birds and trees alike. It is a focal point of history for the Maori people, as it was used as a food gathering site and the neighbouring estuary was used as a way to move around going north and south in an ancient time period.

In 1972 Tahuna Torea wasn’t a nature reserve at all but it was a piece of land engulfed in gorse, weeds, long grass and bushes. Luckily for the reserve, volunteers saved it by cutting and cleaning up everywhere, and they turned it into a 24/7 nature walk where endemic and native trees such as the Cabbage tree, Titoki tree and also the Nyayo grow and thrive. Tahuna Torea also is a habitat for the special birds of New Zealand like the Shag, the Pukeko and also the Godwits.

Tahuna Torea wasn’t always covered in bushes and weeds it was once a food gathering site for the indigenous people of New Zealand, but known more commonly as the Maori. The Maori harvested shellfish like pipi’s, mussels, oysters, clams, cockles and much much more. Not only did they just get shellfish they also got a lot of crustaceans like crabs, prawns, lobster and others. Also, the Maori used the neighbouring estuary known as the Tamaki estuary to get around Auckland.

The Maori used the Tamaki estuary to get from the north east up at the Hauraki gulf all the way to Waitemata. The way that they did this was by sailing their waka down through the Hauraki gulf which led them to Waitemata. The main reason why they used this route was because of the bird's migration which is when the birds come to the southern hemisphere when it is the northern hemisphere’s winter and when it is the southern hemisphere's winter they go up to the northern hemisphere for the summer. The Maori followed the birds when they were migrating south, and as birds always take the shortest route the Maori people then knew that by using the Tamaki estuary to get from the Hauraki gulf to Waitemata was shortest and most efficient route. When the birds migrated again going up to the northern hemisphere the Maori would also go up north back to the Hauraki gulf.

Tahuna Torea is a special place in the Glen Innes also is in walking distance by being just under 4km away. Is there a special place in your community? If so why is it special and what is the historical background of it?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Why kids should learn how to swim

Have you ever watch or heard of a news story that has had a young person drowning? Well even if you haven't they are out there, and usually the victim is a young person, last year alone 81 people drowned and 53 percent of those drawings were from the Maori and Pacific Islander community.

To save people's swimming lessons must be taken and even if a child know how to swim a test wouldn't hurt them. Some schools provide children with swimming lessons during school hours so that parents don't have to rush around kids to all of these places if you live in an area where there is a local swimming pool there would be no charge for kids under the age of 13.

In conclusion, children must learn how to swim by the age of 15 or else they have a high risk of not knowing in their early adulthood.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why We Have To Wear Hats Outside in New Zealand

In New Zealand, we have to wear a hat outside because of the AVR rays that come from the Fun. Hats keep our neck, ears and facial feature safe from the harsh rays, also without a hat there is a high risk of Melanoma (Skin Cancer) when exposed.

The reason why UVR rays are so dangerous to New Zealand is because we are one of the closest countries to the Ozone layer and there is a break in the Ozone Layer because of the mass population today. Though the sun is strong through the ozone layer usually when there is a gap in it the rays of the sun become stronger, therefore increasing the risk of sunburn which then increases the risk of skin cancer which could lead to death, which no one wants…Also, you should always wear a hat especially during the time period of September to April, 10 am to 4 pm, be even more careful around 2:30 pm to 3:15 because that is the time period where the sun is at it's hottest.

Therefore you need to wear a hat to stay safe from the sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer and even though you have a hat on your head you can still have Sun and be safe at the same time. Remember to always stay safe and have fun in the sun...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to change the world

How do you change the world? Well even though it may not seem like you can do much, but there is a huge range of thing that you can do help make the world a better place. You can make a difference one the physical world and also to people just be doing the little things. Such as picking up litter that you dropped, be friendly and just be an all-around nice person.

The world is just your world as it is someone else’s, so whenever you are drop something on the ground that doesn't just affect you it also affects the world because you never know what could happen. One piece of rubbish could drift off into the sea and kill a bird or a fish and then if over 7 billion people all drop a piece of rubbish that drifts into the sea that could be all of the world's population of fish and seabirds gone, wiped from existence. Also, you don't need to waste vital equipment like power, water and also petrol. Did you know that over 10,000 kilowatts are used every day to power on home, if we keep one going like this who know what will happen, hey but that is just the world what about people themselves what can we do as humans to make the world better for one another.

Well, human are the biggest life source on the planet so it would make sense that we could do something help each over out every once in awhile. If we complement each over every day of just being friendly for that matter the world would be a lot happier if everyone got along and stopped bickering with each over every single day. The world would also be a nicer place if there was no discrimination against culture, the colour of skin, beliefs or religion, age, gender, career, intellect, physicality, race or wrong doings, if none of that was in the world we may have a perfect word. Also when growing up parents always remind their kids about using their manors but then when the children are grown up and their parent don't tell them what to do the don’t use manors in many situations. Now you may be thinking if I am so busy then how can I do anything?

Well, the truth is that if you do lots of little things you can change the world in a big way. All you need to do is get focused one on thing put your mind to it and go for it even, if you can change one little thing every day then you will have 1 big thing in every week, then one huge thing in a fortnight, then a massive thing in a move and finally a gigantic thing in a year and all you need to do is, do little things every single day.

Therefore, in conclusion, you can make a big difference to change the world just by being you all doing the right thing for the earth, the people and also the wildlife. All you need is a will to do it without complaining, a positive attitude, and also a kind heart that wants to save the world.  Remember that you can make a difference all you have to do is CHANGE THE WORLD…

Monday, 13 March 2017

Harrison Metaphor Poem

Harrison is a rich red Lamborghini with ripped tyres and a weird sounding horn

Harrison is a rounded oval shaped arcade

Harrison is a beat up rugby field  because I always get trampled on

Harrison is a pale Yorkshire pudding with big holes to fill because of my parents

Harrison is a flash suit jacket with mud and water splatters and stains

Harrison is the library that holds mountains of information.

Harrison is a slippery worm who wriggles out of tricky situations.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Room 8 Metaphore Poem

Room 8 would be a rocket powered out of control 4 wheel drive sand buggy

Room 8 would be a deconstructed and decomposed prison

Room 8 would be a really annoying moth

Room 8 would be a wolf with the need to feed

Room 8 would be a bunch of muddy, ripped, ugly rags

Room 8 would be a piece of stale and hard dog poo

Room 8 would be a fruit salad with lots of durians

Room 8 would be a cut up rubber with no use

Room 8 would be a ripped, bright coloured rugby tackle bag

Room 8 would be a disgusting piece of rubbish

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Lava Cakes

Lava Cakes
The rich smell of dark chocolate engulfs me. I take a long hard look at the wobbly piece of baking. It’s hard crust with a soft gooey inside. I take a bite the rich inside slithers onto my taste buds the weird texture leaves my taste buds asking for answers why it is so rich. It has been long gone digested probably lying in the stomach acid being dissolved by the second. There still is a rich taste in the back of my mouth.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Descriptive Paragraph


I took a long look, deciding whether to eat it or not. It is just sitting there in it textured red casing. Waiting for me. I pick it up, it slips between my fingers it is back on the table waiting. I take a long whiff, the fruity fragrance burned my nostrils. I try picking it up again I make sure that doesn't slip. I take one more look then down the hatch. The taste of crunching ice and the sour essence make my mouth like a disco club. The bag gets scrunched up the ruffle echoes in the classroom. I take another one down the hatch it goes to but in two bites I peer in, it is like a white and red explosion in there. I eat more, it was like an early morning breakfast. Delicious!