Friday, 9 September 2016

My Speech

Name: Harrison Collins  
Date: August 2016

My Topic:
Why we should send athletes to the olympics?

Higher... Faster... Stronger.  

These 3 words are central to the greatest sporting event of modern times and also describe what drives olympians to be the best that they can be, but why do they even participate in the olympics?

  • Is it to put their tiny country of New Zealand well and truly on the map? or

  • Is it just the natural human competitiveness where anyone who tries hard enough can win? or

  • Maybe it is to show perseverance when faced with a challenge?

Do we send athletes to the olympics merely get New Zealand on the global map?

Well if that is the case, than we may have a chance in Rio...if little “unknown” New Zealand sitting at the bottom of the globe could get a medal of any colour, but preferably gold, think of the international attention then.
Even if our athletes don’t seize the gold medal, we as a nation of “Saturday Sports Players” would stand tall and be proud of them, so maybe that is why we send our fellow kiwis to the olympics?

Don’t believe the saying, “It’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part.”

When I’m out on the rugby field, it's all about the winning try...  

When I move to check-mate in chess, it’s about capturing the board…

When I solve a mathematical problem it’s about doing it in the most logical and quickest way…

Winning is everything, taking part is something.

To succeed as an olympian you have to have dedication and determination but more importantly the desire to win. That is what drives any olympic athlete.  They strive to be better than the previous olympic games and the results that were created there.  It also reminds the athletes that didn’t get picked for the olympics that they must get better both physically and mentally if they want to get picked for the next olympics.

Winning is not a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing!

Even though there are so many positive aspects about the olympics there are also many negative ones too. Examples impacting on this year’s olympics have been the renowned enhanced drug taking to gain medals and the Zika Virus. Some countries participating in the olympics encouraged their athletes to take performance enhancing drugs which gives them an unfair advantage over “clean” athletes and in Rio this year the Zika Virus has caused huge concern with some athletes actually withdrawing from the games because of it. Even though the Zika Virus is such a serious issue, there is some hope amongst the organisers because it is the winter season in Brazil and the mosquito population is smaller then due to the cooler climate.

Therefore in conclusion as to why we should send athletes to the olympics…

  • It must be to get New Zealand on the global map

  • It certainly is to win as many medals as possible and

  • Ultimately it is to personify the need to be “higher, faster and stronger”.

Here at Glen Innes School we learn everyday that “Perseverance gains honour.” Maybe, just maybe, one day one of us will be heading off to the olympics to represent our country with that knowledge and return having achieved more than we ever thought we could knowing that it all began here.


alicia said...

Congrats harrison for winning the competition! Your speech was amazing!

Kura said...

Great Speech and once again congrats on winning.

Jamaine said...

I like your Speech Harrison keep it up

Jamaine said...

I like your Speech Harrison keep it up

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