Monday, 24 July 2017

Acceleration for Term 3

This term I am going to accelerate in...
  • My writing as I want to be above standard by the end of the school year but I am currently tracking to be at standard by the end of the school year.
  • Also my maths as I believe that I can do better. I am currently a 5a but I think that I can get to a 6b minimum.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 7 Bonus Activity

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Over the winter holiday period, and Term 2 break, I traveled all around New Zealand from the comfort of my den...

I went with all of my fellow Maniakalani bloggers and visited several different places in our beautiful country presently covered in a dusting from the Long White cloud know as New Zealand that I hadn't been to before...and probably wouldn't of known about if I hadn't been on this virtual learning journey.

I explored the awesome city of sails - Auckland.  I tried some  Maori cuisine. I got to see an amazing All Blacks haka live at Eden Park. I got to celebrate the Maori new year known as Matariki.  I rode a bike along the Otago Central Rail Trail and I got to visit Farewell Spit which is really now just a whale graveyard.

 I even got to prove that the moa still exists!

I have enjoyed my journey, but perhaps this sums it up better that I can...

Winter Learning Journey Day 7 Activity 2

I find watching any movies/documentaries about animals or WWE wrestling relaxing especially when it is a cold day...or getting lost in a good book (I'm currently reading Harry Potter) with a mug of hot white-chocolate.  I also like to relax on the rugby field, or by cooking a tasty meal in the kitchen.

Winter Learning Journey Day 7 Activity 1

1. Put more rubbish bins out to be used with flaps on the front so that when the rubbish gets put in, nothing comes out.
Image result for rubbish bin with flap

2. Have less construction around local neighbourhoods as this will decrease the pollution in the air.Image result for construction in a neighbourhood

3. Create signs that are noticeable and place them around the area to create an awareness of the problems.
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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey Day 6 Bonus Activity

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All Blacks Haka 2015 Rugby World Cup VS France
Ordered in BEST to WORST Haka...

  1. New Zealand VS SA
  2. New Zealand VS Argentina
  3. New Zealand VS France
  4. All Blacks Haka 1973

Winter Learning Journey Day 6 Activity 2

Things you can do at the Matariki festival...

1. Make a Maori lantern...after you have made one you can walk the star walk with the rest of the community lighting the way.

Image result for matariki lantern

Image result for maori cuisine2. Enjoy and embrace Maori cuisine such as...hangi, fried bread, boil up and learn how to prepare and cook traditional Māori cuisine. Watch Māori chefs in action while listening to live cultural music.

3. Watch a fireworks display...what is a new year celebration without fireworks?  Enjoy a live fireworks display over looking the capital city Wellington.
Image result for matariki fireworks